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Hydraulic Multiple Hammers Concrete Road Breaker

  • Description

Hydraulic Multi-head Concrete Road Breaker




1.1 PS series hydraulic multi-head concrete road breaker is a kind of special machine intended for rubblization technology of concrete pavement.


1.2 Through rolling, the top layer of fragments forms a flat surface and the lower layers of fragments forms an embedding and crowding structure. The road base can be effectively strengthened after paving new surface layer.


1.3 The MHB can operate close to the pavement centerline/edge (traffic is frequently diverted to the adjoining shoulder lane/shoulder during construction) and traffic barriers without unduly interfering with traffic.


1.4 By varying MHB operating characteristics, the MHB can produce a wide range of fracture patterns to accommodate individual project conditions.


1.5 On many projects, rubblization is started only a few hours prior to paving. More than one MHB can be utilized to achieve desired production rates and/or to rubblize more than a lane width.


2. Product specifications

Name Unit PS245 PS360 PS400
Max. breaking width mm 2500 4000 4000
Min. breaking width mm 800 800 800
Affected depth by breaking mm 270 300 300
Breaking frequency Times/min. 25-30 30-35 30-35
Lifting system quantity pc 4 8 8
Number of main hammers pc 8 12 12
Number of side hammers pc 4 4
Hammer Weight kg 800 700 1000
Travel speed Km/h 0-8 0-8 0-5
Working speed Km/h 0-2 0-2 0-1.5
Max. Drop height  mm 1500(adjustable) 1500 (adjustable) 1500 (adjustable)
Wheelbase mm 3500 4000 4000
Rated power of engine KW 146 268 298
Rated speed of engine r.p.m. 2200 2100 2100
Total Weight kg 26000 30000 32000
Size (L*W*H) mm 8470*2710*3620 8470*4250*3720 8470*4250*3720
Working efficiency m2/h 2000 4000 4000
Broken Rate   More than 85% More than 85% More than 85%
Fuel Tank Volume L 450 500 500


3. Details


3.1 GPS management system provides a platform on which remote monitoring and service can be realized between the manufacturer and the user, with intelligent control system, self-diagnosis can be realized for malfunction.


3.2 Cummins generator which is manufactured by Sino-US Joint Venture provides all the needed power for the system. So it is of the advantages of advanced performance, low maintenance rate and long durability.


3.3 Adopt close type hydraulic transmission system for the running. With stepless speed change, running steadily and working reliably.


3.4 Adopt open type hydraulic transmission system for working devices. Manual and automatic control can be realized through electrical operation.


4. Working at site & Shipping

Export and sea-worthy is standard special packing for hydraulic multi-head concrete road breaker.

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