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Solar Road Studs

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Solar Road Studs Specifition:


Solar Panel 3.5V/78mA,3.5V/80mA,3.5V/120mA, etc Monocrystalline silicon
Battery 1.2V,650mAh  Anti-high(low)  temperature NI-MH
Working Modes Flash (2Hz±20%)or steady(constant)
LED Color White/Red/Yellow/Green/Blue or customized
LED Super bright, anti-fog LED lens, dia 5mm
Waterproof IP68
Opening Light Intensity Front lighting <500Lux
Visibility >500m
Anti-compression >20tons/>30tons (in static)


Roadsky Solar Road Studs Advantages:


Environment Friendly: Using sunlight as light source, it has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection. 

Long Lifespan: Work more than 3 years normally. 
Long Working Time: It can work 6~8days in the foggy or rainy days after fully charged. 
High Visibility:The intense brightness of the LED attract drivers’ attention easily at the distance of 500m.


Roadsky Traffic Safety can manufacture solar led road studs of different materials such as aluminum and plastic. We can also offer road studs of five different color which make them widely used in a variety of road safety projects such as schools and hospitals, high traffic areas, airports, walking paths, transit stations, parks and campuses.


Aluminum Solar Road Studs:


Model Size(L*W*H) Solar Panel Battery Anchor Length Pressure Resistance
DSA-100 132*123*22mm 3.5V/120mAH 2.4V/650mAH 51mm 30ton
DSA-200 110*100*21mm 3.5V/120mAH 2.4V/650mAH 51mm 20ton
DSA-300 106*95*23mm 2V/100mAH 1.2V/600mAH / 20ton
DSA-400 104*103*22mm 2V/100mAH 1.2V/600-800mAH 48mm 20ton
DSA-500 115*110*23mm 2V/100mAH 1.2V/600mAH 51mm 20ton
DSA-600 128*118*78mm 2V/100mAH 1.2V/600mAH 54mm 20ton
DSA-M10 143(Diameter)*43mm 2V/120mAH 1.2V/600mAH / 30ton


1. DSA-100 LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road stud-8


2. DSA-200 LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road studs-7


3. DSA-300 LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road studs-2


4. DSA-400 LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road studs-3


5. DSA-500 LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road studs-4


6. DSA-600 LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road studs-6


7. DSA-M10 Dismountable LED Solar Road Stud:


solar road studs-5


Plastic Solar Road Studs:


1. DSP-100 LED Solar Road Stud:

Size: Diameter 122mm, Height 23mm

Solar Panel: 2V/200mAH

Battery: 2.4V/600mAH

Pressure Resistance: 20ton


solar road studs-1



Solar Road Studs Products:


solar road studs-9


Vehicle Light Reflect Test:


vehicle light reflect test


Solar Road Reflector Waterproof Test:


waterproof test


Installation of Solar Road Studs:


Before installing, clean road with a brush, to make the surface of road smooth, clean and dry. 

If the solar road stud has the anchor, please drill a hole which is 1cm deeper and 2mm wider than its anchor.

When installing, please put glue on the bottom evenly. Keep it in the right direction and press it into the road tightly.


On the highway, please install the solar road studs every 5 to 8 meters. On the ordinary roads, please install it every 3 to 5 meters.


After 2 hours of installation, you can check and fix solar road studs. After 4 hours of installation, the glue will dry completely.


Package of Solar Road Studs:


solar road studs package


Working on site:


working on site

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