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Two Component Road Marking Machines

Two-component pavement marking is used for marking project that need to be quickly applied such as car parks, road crossing and edge lines. The paint can be curing within 5-30 minutes depending on application method.


two component marking


Two components marking have excellent performance on asphalt surfaces and are very resistant to snow plowing. Due to this reason, two component marking system is widely used in cold weather areas such as northern Europe.


The two components paint consists of cold plastic paint and curing agent. When marking, the two components are mixed immediately before application to form the pavement marking. The service life of two component pavement marking normally ranges between 2 and 4 years based on traffic volumes.


Two component pavement marking paint is considered very expensive compared to other materials. In addition, special equipment is needed for applying two component pavement markings.



Two component road marking machine is equipped with two high pressure diaphragm pumps: one for cold plastic paint and another for curing agent. Changing the angle of two pumps will adjust the intersection point of paint and curing agent. While mixed, the curing agent will accelerate the forming speed of polymer methyl methacrylate pavement markings.


two component marking pumps


Two component marking system has many advantages compare to thermoplastic and cold solvent marking: good flexibility, excellent adhesion and wear resistance, great weather resistance, nice light resistance, prominent Self-cleaning and environment friendly.


However, the cost of two component road marking is considered very expensive compared to other materials.