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Roadsky Thermoplastic Paint Quality Test Process

Thermoplastic paint is the most common applied marking materials all over world since it has advantages of long service life in high volume roads, excellent night visibility performance and durable etc.


Thermoplastic road marking paint consists of glass beads, pigments, binder and fillers. Glass beads provide the retro reflectivity feature at dark light situation. Paint colors, such as white and yellow, are decided by pigments. Binders like plasticizer and resins provide toughness, flexibility and bond strength. Filers such as calcium carbonate or other substances are main components of thermoplastic paint.


Different countries have different standards to test thermoplastic paint. However, the requirements are basically the same. Here is the main quality test process of Roadsky white thermoplastic paint.


Here are the parameters that need to be tested before production of the paint.


1. Softening point:


Softening point is the temperature to convert paint from solid to liquid. The normal softening point of Roadsky paint is 102.5 Celsius degree.




2. Drying time:


The drying time of Roadsky paint is less than 3min in 10 to 12 Celsius degree and less than 6min in 32 to 34 Celsius degree.




3. Color performance:


Roadsky uses special equipment to test the whiteness.




4. Abrasion resistance:


Abrasion resistance is key feature that influence the service life of paint. Abrasion resistance of paint is measured in three aspects:


The average abrasion of paint in specific load (500 or 1000g) and the specific rotation times (usually 1000 rpm).


The rotation times needed to attrit 1 mi thickness of the paint.


The rotation times needed to completely wear out the paint.


Basically the abrasion resistance of Roadsky thermoplastic paint is over 10 in/lb.



5.  Skid Resistance:


The skid resistance of thermoplastic paint is measured between one hour and one week after application. The result should comply with the following: more than 45 BPN for markings with a dry film thickness of less than 0.9mm; or more than 50BPN but less than 65 BPN for markings with a dry film thickness of 0.9mm or greater.


The surface of the preformed thermoplastic material shall contain factory applied anti-skid elements with a minimum hardness of 8 (Mohs scale). Upon application the material shall provide a minimum skid resistance value of 60 BPN.


Roadsky Traffic Safety is leading thermoplastic paint manufacturer. With strict quality control and advanced research team, Roadsky can provide high quality thermoplastic paint in different standards.