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Small Roller Compactor Advantages

Road maintenance work is one of the most important part of the traffic safety. Nowadays small road roller is widely applied in road maintenance projects because its multiple performances can meet the needs of road construction and cost much less than heavy road rollers. Nevertheless, small road roller can only be used in small road repair projects, it can't achieve the evenly compaction density and fast compaction effect like the heavy tire roller. However, mini road roller is still very convenient and efficient equipment for road maintenance.

Small vibrating road roller compact the road surface by its own weight and vibrating pressure. For asphalt concrete road surface, the weight, amplitude and vibration frequency of the roller must be considered according to the asphalt paving spreading thickness before the compacting work.

The advantages of small road roller:

1. Mini roller compactor is much cheaper than large roller.

2. Small working radius of mini road roller makes it can work in narrow area.

3. Convenient to transport due to simple structure and small footprint.

4. Easy to operate. Operators with relevant knowledge and simple training can operate it easily.

5. Easy to maintain. Maintenance and troubleshooting are very simple.