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Roadsky RS-12/13 Series Two Component Road Marking Machine RS-12/13

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Working Video of Two Component Road Marking Machine


RS12 and RS13 are equipped with high pressure diaphragm pump as its spray pump. The air pump and two high pressure diaphragm pumps are driven by gasoline engine through belt driving. Compared with high pressure plunger pump, the high pressure diaphragm pump has advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and high pumping frequency, which make the whole machine having the same characters.




1 Good flexibility.

2 Excellent adhesion.

3 Good wear resistance.

4 Great weather resistance.

5 Nice light resistance.

6 Prominent Self-cleaning.

7 Environment Friendly.


Technical Specification

Model RS12 (Internal Mixing) RS13 (External Mixing)
Marking Width 50-500 mm
Working Pressure 10-15 Mpa
Max.Flow Rate 7 L/Min
Weight 170 kg 190 kg
Size 1800*900*1300 mm 1900*1000*1400 mm


On-site Working

Spraying Paint

Two-component solvent-free spraying road marking paint is composed of methyl methacrylate, special functionality of acrylic ester, plasticizing acrylic ester and etc. Its curing velocity is quick, the application performance is excellent. Its presence has solved the problems that the cold lines are weak in wear resistance, the thermoplastic lines are easy to be stained and of poor reflective effect.


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