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Roadsky RS-5E Airless Spraying Road Marking Machine RS-5E

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RS-5E series cold paint line striper (pavement marking machine) is special designed for efficient marking. Stable internal reversing hydraulic pump, adjustable spray gun and paint filter ensure the marking performance. RS-5E road line marking machine has a long service life due to simple structure, reliable pump and engine.

RS-5E line striper is widely used in parking lots, road striping, air ports, city streets, bike paths and intersections.




Model RS-5E
Application parking lots, streets, bike paths, air ports etc
Dimension 1780*900*1000mm
Weight 140 kg
Engine 5.5 HP gasoline engine
Pump and Control Method internal reversing hydraulic pump
Working Pressure 10-20 Mpa
Maximum flow 9L
Marking Width 50mm to 500mm
Marking Thickness 0.2mm to 0.6mm
Marking Speed 13km/h
Marking Method high pressure airless spraying
Spraying Flow Rate 18 L/min


Working Demo Video:



RS-5E is the fastest hand push marking machine in cold spraying marking construction, its marking speed is up to 13km/h under construction of a variety of harsh environments, in particular, a powerful hydraulic system guarantees the cold spraying works.



engine  Hydraulic Pump

Operating Triggers  Spray Gun

glass beads tank  glass beads dispenser



1.More Stable:Compared with the traditional ruling machine,RS-5E is no pneumatic cylinder and have less line pipe, therefore it is more stable and safe.


2.Cost Savings: RS-5E not need to equipped with air compressor, avoid double maintenance, reduce the save maintenance costs, reduce unnecessary trouble, save energy.


3.Simplicity of Operator: RS-5E have reasonable equipment and compact structure, it avoid unwanted weight and machinery.At the same time, RS-5E has few buttons, so it is easy to understand and operation.


3.Regulation of Spraying:.The speed and width of spraying are adjustable, spraying is easy to assemble and disassemble ,it is convenient and simple for equipment to operated.


4.Uniform thickness:RS-5E can spew out uniform thickness of paint,in this way, road surface effect looks great.


5.Light weight:The weight of RS-5E is lighter than other ruling machines,therefore,the actual operation of a lot of effort.


6.High efficiency:In traditional ruling machine on updating and transformation, RS-5E use less energy and improve the efficiency is cost-effective.

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