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Roadsky RS-4B Series Hydraulic Single Tank Thermoplastic Road Marking Preheater RS-4B

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Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name ROADSKY
Model Number RS-4B
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Packaging Export and sea-worth special packing
Price Condition FOB China Port
Payment Terms T/T,L/C
Delivery Time 10 days after receiving the advance payment
Supply Ability 100 sets per month
Model RS-4B-350
Tank Quantity Single Tank
Size (L×W×H) 1850*900*1750 mm
Net Weight 390 kg
Material Temperature 180℃-220℃
Diesel Engine 15P Electric-started water cooling engine
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 40L
Hydraulic Motor BM Model
Bottom Boiler plate, Bottom thickness: 6mm
Heating System Liquefied petroleum gas (natural gas), adopt energy-efficient burner (Direct injection Stove)
Safety Device Specially designed overload overflow device, avoid the wrong operation
Rotational System 20-100r/min.
Hydraulic System Pressure 5 Mpa
Working Pressure 4-5 Mpa

Hydraulic Thermoplastic Paint Preheater adopts the heating method with liquefied gas combustion system.When heating thermoplastic paint, the speed of mixing blade is even.The Preheater is fully enclosed with heat retaining cotton so that the inner of the tank has good heat retaining character.Hydraulic Double Tanks Thermoplastic Paint Preheater is consisted of the dynamic transmission system, preheater body, preheater assembly, stirring device, feed gate, draining gate, gas combustion system, etc. The machine is reasonable in structure and its performance is better than domestic similar products. Its operating system is centralized and easy to be operated with infinite speed variation of stirring. The two tanks may operate independently with a smooth transmission, low noise and high thermal efficiency, which can supply thermoplastic paint required by normal operation of two hand push thermoplastic marking machines. It is the ideal equipment for thermoplastic paint heating and melting with good double-layer insulating property and even speed of stirring.Hydraulic Single Tank Thermoplastic Paint Preheater can be made as required.

Dynamic transmission system: The diesel is connected with the gear pump through the clutch. The hydraulic multiway valve controls the hydraulic motor so that the stirring shaft is driven to rotate and stir thermoplastic paint evenly. The stirring shaft’s rotational speed is adjusted by the throttle valve. Working pressure in the hydraulic system is adjusted by the overflow valve of the multiway selector valve. The pressure gauge indicates the pressure value.

Multiway selector valve: The two function levers control the two hydraulic motor. The left function lever controls the left motor and the right function level controls the right motor. The heat retaining cotton is filled in the interlayer between inner and outer plate of the tank body to reduce heat dissipation.

Gas combustion system: the fuel gas pipe connection on the rear side of the preheater is joined up with the medium pressure valve of the liquefied petroleum gas tank (self-prepared by users). The gas pressure may be shown by the left and right pressure gauges in the front of the preheater. The machine is equipped with an igniting gun to ignite the stove. The temperature gauge on the cover of preheater displays the temperature value of the inner tank. Electrical starting diesel engine,12V of vehicle accumulator, positive pole(+) jointing the accumulator, negative pole (-) jointing earth.

Stirring: Diesel drives stirrer to run through gear pump, dual control valve, overflow valve and hydraulic motor.

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