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Roadsky RS-4C/D Series Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Preheater RS-4C/D

Item Code:RS-4C/D Features:
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Model RS-4C-600 RS-4D-300
Diesel Engine 7.7 P water cooling engine 6.6 P water cooling engine
Capacity of Tank 2×300L 300L
Size(L×W×H) 1360×1370×1500mm 1350×800×1500mm
Net Weight 540kg 330kg
Heating System Liquefied petroleum gas (natural gas),
adopt energy-efficient burner (Direct injection Stove)


RS-4C-600 Mechanical Double Tanks Thermoplastic Kettle adopts mechanical driving method and imported energy efficient burner with four ring fire. It has medium capacity paint tank and the characters of reliable performance, high efficiency in melting the thermoplastic paint, simple operation and easy maintenance.

RS-4D-300 Mechanical Single Tank Thermoplastic Kettle is derived from Mechanical Double Tanks Thermoplastic Kettle, which has the characters of light weight, small size, easy for transportation, low price, etc. It is applied to some small projects in parking area, residential area, industrial plant, wharf, etc.

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