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Roadsky RS-6A/B Series Road Line Marking Paint Remover RS-6A/B

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Road Marking Remover is professional equipment applicable to remove the original old marking for the purpose of repairing and renewing the thermoplastic or cold plastic marking line. The machine has the features of strong power, high speed, easy and safe operation, low vibration and noise and dustproof, which can meet all your requirements of removing old marking lines.




Engine: 10.5 HP air-cooled gasoline engine, and the throttle is controlled by handle brake.


Removal cutter: Adopted tungalloy cutter is hard and durable. And the cutter can remove thermoplastic or cold plastic marking line by adjusting the depth of removing.


Depth adjuster: It can adjust the depth of removal cutter by adjusting the regulating crank of removal depth in accordance with the road marking actual condition.


Pressure adjustable: It can adjust the pressure of removal cutter by adjusting the pressure controlling accessory in accordance with the road marking actual condition.


Protective device: Original ejectable groove can reduce the abrasion and damage to the road surface and make the road surface neater.


Moving: Forward, back off, left or right freely. Maximum removal width is 650mm when left-right operation, and maximum removal width is 200mm when forward or back off.


Wheel: The rubber wheel adopts original technology and has the features of good quality, moderate hardness, good elasticity, high temperature resistance, wearproof, aging resistance and exclusive use.It is equipped with high quality bearing, which makes the whole machine more lightness.


Chassis: The surface of firm welding frame has been electrostatic sprayed and high temperature treated.The four-wheel structure makes the whole machine work more stable and operate more convenient.




Name RS6A RS6B
Size (L×W×H) 980*550*930 mm 1180*530*950 mm
G.W. 120 kg 260 kg
Engine rated power 9.0 HP 13 HP
Max. Removing Depth / /
Removing Speed 500-700 m²/day /
Removal cutter lifetime 80 hours, 000-3000 m² 200 hours
Rotation Speed 3600 r/min 3600 rmp
Working Width 220 mm 225 mm
Removing Depth 0-4mm 0-3 mm
Driving Method Self-propelled Self-propelled
fuel consumption / 230g/h
shaft number of drum / 1 piece per drum
drum number / 6
size of drum / 128* 83mm
size of per cutter / 83mm*8mm
number of cutters / 78 pieces


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