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Roadsky RS-9 Series Road Marking Primer Machine RS-9

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The primer is used as adhesive material for thermoplastic paint road markings.The primer can avoid the thermoplastic road line peel off and strengthen the adhesive force between the thermoplastic road line and the road surface. Primer machine is the auxiliary equipment for thermoplastic paint road markings. It adopts the gasoline engine as its power, working together with the automatic air compressor to spray, which improves the working efficiency, reduces the intensity of labor. It will not bring any noise or pollution.


The guide bar of the spraying gun rack can be adjusted up and down, in order to adjust the spraying width accurately and conveniently. The machine is easy to operate and maintain,moreover, its service life is long.




Power: Honda 5.5 HP gasoline engine 

2  Max. spraying pressure: 0.5 Mpa

Spraying Width: 100-450 mm

Safety pressure control: keep the pressure stable and set up unilateral ball valve

Moving speed: 65-70 m/min

Size: 1200*800*1000mm

Net weight: 60 kg

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