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Roadsky YD Series Guardrail Post Hydraulic Drilling Machine YD

  • Description


1.1 Hydraulic Drilling Rig with Air Compressor is composed of chassis, upper column,hydraulic system, diesel engine, electric system, cooling system, control system andpile drilling equipment. It has the characters of compact size, lightweight, self-propelled,quick moving, humanized design, easy operation, high efficiency, low price.

1.2 When you use a tow truck or trailer to tow the machine to the working site by the towingdevice with high speed, first you need to lay down the upper column by hydraulic systemand disassemble the traveling roller chain. The up and down, longitudinal and transverseshift, horizontal slide of the column are realized through hydraulic system.

1.3 The pile drilling equipment is installed onto the upper column and be downward andupward along the track of the column for pile drilling working by hydraulic system.

1.4 It has very famous brand diesel engine Changchai with electrical starting equipped, whichhas a stable performance, simple operation and maintenance and very long service life.

1.5 The control system is equipped with multiple directional control valve and centralizedhydraulic control rods which makes the operation simple and convenient.

1.6 The pile drilling equipment adopts hydraulic system and wind-driven principle, matchedwith air compressor, the drilling equipment is formed of hydraulic motor, connecting device,connecting rod, pneumatic percussion hammer and drill bit. The motor is hydraulic operated,the driller is operated by compressed air.

Main Technical Specifications:

Type YD180 YD230
Size (L×W×H) 2300×3200×1900 mm 2300×3200×1900 mm
Rated Power 22.2 HP 24 HP
Working Pressure 16 MPa 16 MPa
Working Flow Rate 45-50 L/min. 50-55 L/min.
Rotating Speed of Hydraulic Pump 2200 r/min. 2200 r/min.
G.W. 2200 KG 2200 KG
Working Air Pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Air flow 7 m3 10 m3
Diameter of Drilling Holes 125-190 mm 125-190 mm
Max. Drilling depth Around 1500 mm Around 1500 mm
Displacement 130 ml/r 150 ml/r
Rotating Speed of Drilling Equipment 180 r/min. 190 r/min.
Working Efficiency 250 mm/minute 250 mm/minute

On-site Working:

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