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Roadsky YW Series Highway Guardrail Installation Machine YW

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1.1 Post Driving Function: YW Series Pile Driver is designed to install and maintain highway anti-collision guard rails and solar posts, and is especially applicable for driving the guardrail post in newly constructing highways. It is also used for the installation of photovoltaics (PV), solar cells and panels.

1.2 Post Extracting Function: With the same hydraulic system for extracting poorly driven or incorrectly positioned posts in road maintenance work, it is a professional machine for the extraction of posts from any surface condition.

1.3 Post Drilling Function: This equipment can drill holes into concrete, rock, granite and other very hard road materials, and then easily install the posts.


  Model Unit YW180 YW230 YW330
Hammer Rating Joule 400-500 600-800 900-1400
Hammer Weight kg 180 230 330
Blows per minute Times 350-780 600-900 500-735
Horse Power HP 22 24 32
Working Pressure Mpa 10-13 10-17 9-13
Oil Flow L/min 30-55 36-65 45-65
Oil Tank Capacity L 80 80 100
Weight kg 2000 2100 2400
Size(L*W*H) mm 2300*3200*1900
Traveling Speed km/h 0-10
Tow Speed km/h 0-50
Pile Extractor Size(L*W*H) mm 1200*700*950
Weight kg 300
Pile Extracting Force KN 20 30 35
Pile Driller Size(L*W*H) mm 3200*350*250
Weight kg 300 310 320
Air Flow m3/min 10 13 18
Diameter of Drilling Holes mm 120 150 200
Max.Drilling Depth mm 1700
Working efficiency Mm/min About 5

Features & Main Components:

(1) Hydraulic pump

(2) Hydraulic motor

(3) Multidirectional control valves and centralized hydraulic control rods

(4) Changchai brand diesel engine

(5) Hydraulic hammer and hammer adapter

(6) Pile extractor



One 20' container can load two sets of YW series pile drivers.

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