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Roadsky Convex Reflective Road Line Marking Paint

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Product Description:

Convex thermoplastic road marking paint consists of thermoplastic resin, modified rubber and etc. With excellent visibility and good vibration, it is applied to mark the centre line, speed-down line at the entrance and exit of roads, etc. Convex thermoplastic road marking paint has four different patterns, including ribs, small square, dot and plover type.

Product Features:

1) Excellent visibility: benefited from the special formulation, it has good retroreflectivity performance to enhance wet night visibility.

2) Good vibration performance: when the vehicle drives over the marked line, it makes vehicle slightly vibrate to shake the driver to pay attention to safety.

3) High compression deformation resistance, shock resistance, abrasion resistance, quick drying, rainy night reflective and three-dimensional reflective visual effects.

Production & Package Details:


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