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Roadsky Road Marking Tapes

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Model RS1000,RS2000,RS5000,RS5010,RS7000,RS10000
Material Flexible polymers , pigments ,micro glass beads
Length 33m/50m
Width 5cm/10cm/20cm/40cm/45cm
Thickness 0.7-2.5mm
color White/yellow/red/blue/black, also can be customized
Lifespan 3months to 2years(even3-4years)



General Description: The Road Marking Tape is made from PVC as the backing material, which are coated with rubber based adhesive. The advantage of the product is simple, easy and long lifespan. Stick it on the ground directly(indoor or the road without truck crushes.


1) Use as floor signs in public transport facilities.

2) Use on entrance mats in stores and facilities.

3) Ink-jet printable for use in new advertising media.

Also it's mainly used as a warning sign for factory, supermarket, airport, toll station, square and etc. 


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