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White and Yellow Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

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Product Description:

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint consists of light colored aggregate (silica sand), pigment, glass beads, binders, filler material (calcium carbonate), EVA and etc. They are all held together with petroleum resin.




We produce different standards of thermoplastic road marking paint, such as Chinese standard, BS standard, AASHTO standard and so on. The contents and raw materials are different with different standards.


AASHTO Standard Thermoplastic Paint


Component Specification Results
White Yellow White Yellow
Binder Content Min. 18 Min. 18 19.2 19.1
Solid Glass Beads 30-40 30-40 32 31
Titanium Dioxide Min. 10 / 10.2 /
Calcium Carbonate Inner Filler & Yellow Pigments Max. 42 / 38.6 See note of AASHTO M249-79 (1990)


British Standard Thermoplastic Paint


Main Content Percentage
Resin 20%
Glass Beads 20%
Titanium Dioxide 6%
PE Wax 1%
Dioctyl  Ester 1%
Stone Powder 52%



Product Features & Pictures:


1) Higher adhesive strength: Special elastomer is added in our recipe of thermoplastic road marking paint in order to improve the adhesive strength

2) Stronger crack resistance: Our recipe compounded a special additive which is seasoned with the temperature. Thus it avoids possible deformation of the melted film caused by nature temperature variation.

3) Bright color: Our recipe introduced high quality color filler with reasonable mixture proportion. And it helps thermoplastic paint lasts for years without color change.

4) Enhanced wet night visibility

5) Immediate retroreflectivity



Production & Package Details:







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